National Geographic Channel - Mars


National Geographic Channel


A show on planet Mars was coming up on National Geographic Channel where the trade partners were to be made aware of the show and what it will depict. Since it was only a 6 part series, the communication had to reach them quick and engage maximum.


Since the show was about the present and future combined showing how man would reach planet Mars and survive there, It was only logical that the agency employees be given a first hand experience of how it would be on Mars. A VR walk around of Mars was made where people got the first hand experience of the future when astronauts would land and walk on Mars. The VR video captured the finer details of the planet’s surface and the sky leaving people awe struck. Needless to say, the campaign was much talked about and also helped NGC secure sponsors quickly from one of it’s clients.

  • 3000 Reach
    3000 Audience Engaged
    1 Agencies Covered