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Dussehra comes with a lot of fanfare for the people. What it also comes with are various ‘Ramlilas’ thronged by hordes of people. Sense a marketing opportunity?


Ramlilas across cities were the perfect place to market a mass news channel like ABP News. City relevant campaigns were designed to attract the audience to the stalls. Delhi saw the creation of the ABP News studio replica which gave the audience a chance to be an anchor and have their video recorded. Stalls in UP were modelled on the lines of the then upcoming UP elections. Voting machines with live counters were set up in the stalls which saw people turn up in thousands to vote for their favourite candidate/party. The channel engaged lakhs of people giving each one of them a typical ABP News experience. Campaigns like these are bound to win you audience.

    • Title: ABP News - RAMLILA
    • Client: ABP News
    • Started From: October, 2016
    • Category: Consumer Marketing
    • Agencies Covered: N/A
    • Media Properties: N/A
  • 200000 Reach
    200000 Audience Engaged
    1 Agencies Covered