ABP News - Nauchandi Mela


ABP News


ABP News had a task at hand of increasing their viewership numbers across western UP. A plan to reach out to audience on ground was required so that the viewership numbers could be improved further.


Nauchandi Mela in Meerut is one the largest congregation of people in western UP. An ABP News studio replica was created at the mela where people could pose as the anchor and get clicked. An SMS contest was run for the audience at the mela, which required the audience to tune in to ABP News every night to answer the question. This, along with other contests at the stall made sure that ABP News was their choice of channel every evening.

    • Title: ABP News - Nauchandi Mela
    • Client: ABP News
    • Started From: May, 2016
    • Category: Consumer Marketing
    • Agencies Covered: N/A
    • Media Properties: N/A
  • 250000 Reach
    250000 Audience Engaged
    1 Agencies Covered