Sony Max2- Play with your mind


Sony Max2


SONY MAX2 is true to its tagline.. 'Yaad Rahega'. By bringing a unique technological rendezvous for the trade community, they wanted to make sure that SONY MAX2 is etched in the memories of the media planners & buyers.


This year SONY MAX2 gave a chance to the trade fraternity to relive the Iconic Movies – 'DON' and 'The Burning Train'. Media Planners/Buyers indulged in India’s first of its kind brain powered game that maps concentration level of the players to help move objects. In 'The Burning train' the aim was to outrun each other to reach the Engine and stop the Burning train whereas in 'DON' they would indulge in a classic car chase as Don or D’silva. Curiosity killed the cat in this unique trade activation and this competitive mind game received tons of love from the trade community.

  • 590 Reach
    590 Audience Engaged
    1 Agencies Covered